1st November 2021

MSR = HAAG SAEZ Online Lodging/Virtual Travel Package

Dreams of intercontinental travel have been stripped away by the hassle caused by cotton swabs and complex QR codes. Can we still dream about a place you have never visited while embracing unforeseeable situations? It takes more imagination than simply digitalizing things: repurposing familiarity with your own face or conceiving in-between hybrid landscapes might possibly be an answer.

In MSR = HAAG SAEZ, two artists took up summer-autumn residencies to produce a new kind of travel experience. It resulted in a PACKAGE (or a kit) with a QR CODE attached to it.

Minamisanriku AIR presents MSR = HAAG SAEZ Online Lodging/Virtual Travel Package.

online lodging virtural travel package

Minaving – Piet Verkleij

You wake up in a warm sauna, the smells of pinewood and glowing embers fill the air. On the left of you stands a small heater and on the right you can make out a map on a wall. Through the glass in front of you, you can see a bridge while rainy grey weather fills the sky. You have entered ‘Minaving’. A place where some things seem familiar but out of place and other things seem strange but fitting. Time moves slow here, so relax, listen, look around and let the scenery slowly wash over you.

Make sure to keep a Wi-Fi connection while using the app since it’s necessary for playing videos within the app.

Now it’s time to go, open the app, place your smartphone in the cardboard holder, plug in some headphones or earplugs and dive in!

Happy exploring!

Piet Verkleij (born in Rotterdam, raised in Breda/Tilburg, based in Scheveningen)

Piet Verkleij

Piet Verkleij is an interdisciplinary artist working in the field of sound, performances and visuals. His work walks on the border between reality and fiction questioning the viewer’s perspective on the world. According to Piet, imagination helps him cope with reality. “It shapes the complex world into something that I can understand and that feels personal to me”, says Piet. “Imagination can add another dimension to the world; it allows you to see beyond what is already there.”

“I merge stories and worlds inside my head with the tangible space around me, creating experiences for people, showing a glimpse of my inner world. I express and create these experiences through music, spoken and written stories, soundscapes and audio-visual installations.”

After a short period in design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Piet switched to interdisciplinary arts during his study in ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, of which he graduated in 2021.

Holiday glimpse – Aydee Derix


When looking for activities to do in the Netherlands, you will frequently come across the Zaanse Schans. Ranked as the 12th place of Things to Do in the Netherlands on Tripadvisor, the Zaanse Schans is mostly known for its windmills.

‘Holiday glimpse’ is a virtual tour that reflects the alienation in/of the Zaanse Schans caused by tourism.

Tourism has a very double effect, on one side it is an experience and exploration that can help you relax, make you happy and show you different sides of life and on the other side it is a destructive and alienating force that changes the places it goes to.

After entering the app installation, you will find yourself in the Zaanse Schans, while being surrounded by Japanese elements that will alienate and change the way you view the the place.

Open the app and let yourself become a tourist once again.

Aydee Derix (born in Freiburg im Breisgau, raised in Aruba, based in Arnhem)

Aydee Derix

“In my art practice I see that the world is on fire but can’t put it out because I’m too short to be a fire fighter. This feeling of impotence makes me hang up party flags instead.”

Aruba raised multimedia artist, Aydee Derix, playfully researches and explores the enchanting absurdities of existence and the world around her. Derix consciously challenges and confronts various problems that concern her, such as tourism, high performance culture, identity, ecology and people’s hypocrisy towards animal welfare. Whilst confronting these problematics she also shows how enchanting this alienating and absurd world is.

Ironically, Derix tries to embrace the impossibility of improving the world. By emphasizing the uselessness of art, something interesting might happen. “Useful in its absolute uselessness.” As Adorno would say.

Saving the world with bath ducks

How to obtain the package

The apps and headset are still in production! We are planning to launch the package on 1st December 2021.


オンライン宿泊+バーチャル旅行 体験







アルバ出身のマルチメディアアーティスト、Aydee Derix(アイデー・デリックス、2000年フライブルク・イム・ブライスガウ生まれ)は、自分を取り巻く存在や世界の魅惑的な不条理を遊び心を持って研究し、探求しています。デリックスは、観光、高パフォーマンスの文化、アイデンティティ、エコロジー、動物福祉に対する人々の偽善など、彼女が関心を寄せる様々な問題に意識的に挑戦し、立ち向かっています。これらの問題に立ち向かう一方で、彼女はこの疎外的で不条理な世界がいかに魅力的であるかを示しています。








山びこを持っていく(Transporting Echoes)


3年間かけて行われる「南三陸 = ハーグ 」プロジェクトは、山口在住の時里充と福留麻里が、バーチャルで南三陸を視察するところからはじまりました。

南三陸の自然や生活、信仰や、東日本大震 災を巡るお話しを様々な角度で伺う中で、これからプロジェクト3年間で触れていきたい領域として、












16th March 2021, Mitsuru  Tokisato + Mari Fukutome


時里充(Mitsuru Tokisato)

メディアアーティスト。1990年兵庫県生まれ。画面やカメラに関する実験と観察を行ない、認知や計量化といったデジタル性に関する作品を制作発表。展覧会に「エマージェンシーズ!022『視点ユニット』」(NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC]、東京、2014)、「見た目カウント」(SOBO、東京、2016)、「アスリ ―ト展」(21_21 DESIGN SIGHT、東京、2017)、「見た目カウントトレーニング#2」(gallery to plus、東京、2017)、「ラビットリーディング」(TABULAE、東京、2018)など。小林椋とのユニット「正直」などでライヴ活動を行なう。山口情報芸術センター[YCAM]のInterLabに所属。「正直」や最近のYCAMでの仕事(篠田千明 新作オンライン・パフォーマンス公演「5×5×5本足の椅子」、テクニカル・ディレクター)では、オンラインとオフライン空間を多層的に組み合わせた身体やアバターを伴う表現で新たな境地を開いた。https://tokisato.info/

福留麻里(Mari Fukutome)