11th November 2021

MSR = HAAG SAEZ – Dutch artist working on new work, to be presented in December

Dreams of intercontinental travel have been stripped away by the hassle caused by cotton swabs and complex QR codes. Can we still dream about a place you have never visited while embracing unforeseeable situations? It takes more imagination than simply digitalizing things: repurposing familiarity with your own face or conceiving in-between hybrid landscapes might possibly be an answer.

In MSR = HAAG SAEZ, two artists took up summer-autumn residencies to produce a new kind of travel experience. It resulted in a PACKAGE (or a kit) with a QR CODE attached to it. Minamisanriku AIR presents MSR = HAAG SAEZ Online Lodging/Virtual Travel Package.

Holiday glimpse – Aydee Derix

When looking for activities to do in the Netherlands, you will frequently come across the Zaanse Schans. Ranked as the 12th place of Things to Do in the Netherlands on Tripadvisor, the Zaanse Schans is mostly known for its windmills.

‘Holiday glimpse’ is a virtual tour that reflects the alienation in/of the Zaanse Schans caused by tourism.

Tourism has a very double effect, on one side it is an experience and exploration that can help you relax, make you happy and show you different sides of life and on the other side it is a destructive and alienating force that changes the places it goes to.

After entering the app installation, you will find yourself in the Zaanse Schans, while being surrounded by Japanese elements that will alienate and change the way you view the the place.

Open the app and let yourself become a tourist once again.

Minaving – Piet Verkleij

You wake up in a warm sauna, the smells of pinewood and glowing embers fill the air. On the left of you stands a small heater and on the right you can make out a map on a wall. Through the glass in front of you, you can see a bridge while rainy grey weather fills the sky. You have entered ‘Minaving’. A place where some things seem familiar but out of place and other things seem strange but fitting. Time moves slow here, so relax, listen, look around and let the scenery slowly wash over you.

Make sure to keep a Wi-Fi connection while using the app since it’s necessary for playing videos within the app.

Now it’s time to go, open the app, place your smartphone in the cardboard holder, plug in some headphones or earplugs and dive in!

Happy exploring!

MSR = HAAG SAEZ's "Online Lodging and Virtual Travel Package" is expected to be launched in early December 2021. Simply order the package, scan the QR code on the assembled headset you receive with your smartphone, and you will be transported into the special region.

Launch event on 5 December - 10am - 12pm CET/18pm - 20pm JST

We are planning an online event on 5 December on Zoom (live on YouTube) to launch our travel package and apps. The language is English, but the session will be live translated into Japanese.

Aydee Derix
Piet Verkleij
Yoshinari Nishiki (a.k.a Inari from TOFU/Rotterdam) * Person in charge of this project from Minamisanriku AIR
Yukiko Shikata (Curator) *Minamisanriku AIR curator

The press release can also be viewed as a word document 

The project website



南三陸=ハーグSAEZ オンライン実験イベント
「時里充+福留麻里<スクリーンエクササイズ>@ZOOM」 参加募集!

[日時] 2021年11月8日 20-21時 @ Zoom
[募集人数] 30名
[参加無料・事前登録制] 以下までメールをお願いいたします。後日URLを送付いたします。
[申込締切] 11月7日23:59(30人になった段階で締切)





主催:南三陸 AIR(岩田康宏、四方幸子、錦 良成/a.k.a いなり from TOFU)

6th Auguest 2021

We held an open call for artists to build Online Lodging and Virtual Travel experiences between 1 June and 11 July 2021. Each proposal was carefully evaluated by Yukiko Shikata (Curator, Tokyo), Michel van Dartel (V2, Rotterdam), Jacqueline Heerema (Satellietgroep, The Hague) and Yoshinari Nishiki (TOFU, Rotterdam) in terms of feasibility, novelty and suitability to the theme.

After numerous discussions, the decision was made to go with Aydee Derix and Piet Verkleij.

Aydee Derix graduated from the BEAR (Base for Experiment, Art and Research) Fine Art department at ArtEZ. She grew up in Aruba and her work focuses on tourism. For this residency, she wants to create a virtual face-framing billboard experience. When you scan your face with your mobile phone, the phone becomes a VR headset that leads you to a space where animals from Minamisanriku are placed on top of a Dutch tourist landscape. If you look closely, you will notice that your face is embedded here and there in the scene, including the faces of the animals. For the graduation exhibition, the artist created a physical version in which faces scanned by a camera are projected in the middle of the sun on an exotic artificial beach.

Piet Verkleij is a graduate from ArtScience Interfaculty at KABK. He is originally from Tilburg and now lives in Scheveningen near the beach. Piet makes collage videos based on real footage of the sea, with the speed of the waves carefully adjusted to match the clouds. This creates a strange surreal immersiveness, and he basically wants to make a new one combining footage from Minamisanriku. One idea is to make a view of Minamisanriku when seen from The Hague based on the residency concept. It would be interesting to ride onto the recent sauna hype in Japan, as traditional saunas have screens embedded, his work could be screened to make a meditative sauna lodging experience.